India is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and this has been carried by her through the centuries with fascinating inputs constantly being added along the way. This knowledge base serves as a great platform for an immersion program.

I-India offers clients India Immersion programs which engross global thought leaders and the top of corporate pyramids giving them a brief yet clear understanding of India’s culture, diversity and abundance and to subsequently help them use that knowledge to do successful business in India. India’s diversity, flavourful culture, complex history and its ever increasing presence in the world community makes it an ideal environment for corporates and visiting students from the world over to develop new competencies.

India Immersion programs enable students and corporate leaders to get acquainted with India in every aspect – be it cultural, economic, social or environmental; and also through the five senses- touching, seeing, tasting, smelling and hearing in a concise and well-thought-out manner.

The immersion programs are structured in a modular manner. Depending on time and requirement constraints, the programs can be altered. The programs comprise mainly of rural immersions, entrepreneurial immersions, industrial immersions and heritage immersions.

India Immersion Programs offer a highly rewarding cultural experience providing a plethora of opportunities for corporate and personal development.