Innovation has become a prime dictum at almost every single concern in the world today, regardless of the industry. Keeping in mind the challenging post-economic crisis times, businesses have begun to realize that the answer no longer lies in splashing millions and trillions in the name of innovation. What they increasingly look for now is frugal innovation.

I-India provides frugal innovation consulting services to ideate or help ideate cost-effective methods of renovating products, reorganizing business procedures and modify business modules based on a particular market’s functionality – which in our case is India’s complex emerging market. Further, we offer you windows which oversee the Indian market, understand the details of rural and urban India and also understand what these inbound innovations mean to the people.

I-India brings out the best in your innovative capability, facilitates flowing ideas and pillars the success of innovation portfolios of organizations and networks. We help establish open communication and innovation culture in India, fostering collaborative innovation and building strategic resources including patents, stakeholder meets and new management techniques.