I-India Consulting is part of a 67-year-old curator of Indology experiences. We work with thought leaders, corporate coaches, CEOs, Governments and corporate consultants whose focus is on India as an emerging market giant.
India is arguably the biggest emerging market in today’s business world. Our expertise and knowledge of India’s essence and paradoxes gives us the capability to provide consulting services to companies who want to have their business footprints in India.
It is necessary to master the key areas necessary to navigate the Indian economy and I-India aids businesses with these key areas namely environmental competence, strategic competence, managerial competence and analytical competence.
Equipped with an abundance of knowledge with respect to India and with the resources at its disposal; I-India combines its seven-decade experience and local market knowledge with a vast array of leading corporates and governmental enterprises in order to increase their profits, performance and enhance their operations long term sustainability.