Community Integration provides a road map to success by creating an environment that spells well being to everyone involved in the process. Understanding the community and the community’s mindset is one of the key factors to having a successful business in India.

Our community integration programs are a well-thought-out platform for all stakeholders to stay on the same page. It is on these platforms that you will get a unique prism to explore and understand the core of India’s communities.

I-India helps you identify barriers to community integration and target pitfalls that could potentially bring about social exclusion and passive involvement of the community. We also provide support to businesses which would bring about meaningful changes in the environment and the community. We look to expand the range of opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in the development process as equal entities.

As part of its community integration programs; I-India offers leadership programs, helps develop a vision, orients businesses with local values and then engages the community actively. I-India also ensures sustainability of the program with continuous monitoring and analysis.

I-India Community Integration Programs guide you with a very organic process, one where the corporate and community link through observation, interaction, comprehension and ideation.