India Immersion

India is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and this has been carried by her through the centuries with fascinating inputs constantly being added along the way.... continue reading »

Frugal Innovation

Innovation has become a prime dictum at almost every single concern in the world today, regardless of the industry. Keeping in mind the challenging post-economic... continue reading »


“Thank you very much for this, and for taking the extra effort to have a topical presentation and “lesson” on our field visit. This is what makes the experiences you provide for our group really special, and with so many opportunities for learning.”

Clark.R.Callahan - Tuck School

“ It is critical that when you are trying to provide real life experiences in another culture you need to keep a balance between getting the participants out of their comfort level so they can learn, while at the same time providing a safe and relaxing environment where reflection can occur. I-India has figured out how to do this and in my mind has become a world class provider of cultural education for all levels and ages of people.”

Mike Schilb – John Deere

“Going back from this trip, I would like to think about obstacles as challenges that are possible to overcome, thinking in a different/creative way, recalling the “frugal innovation” experience.”

Chiara Cavallo – GE

Our Work Team

With decades of accumulated Indian knowledge and experience, Mahesh Sriram, Managing Director... continue reading »

A powerful thought leader, Dr.Suresh Sethuraman uses his inexhaustible knowledge to introduce... continue reading »

About Us

I-India Consulting possesses the unique core strength of imbuing India’s art, history, anthropology and nature into Leadership Development Programs, MICE Programs and Luxury Travel Programs. I-India programs are designed to help participants sidestep the superficial and absorb the original, deeper and richer experience of India. Our programs are usually a string of curated events that meets the objective of the participant and the group with minimal intrusion of an external coach/trainer/guide. In order to maximize the absorption we curate the program to infuse Indology through all the five senses – hence participants experience India through touching, seeing, smelling, tasting and hearing. Our facilitator’s job is limited to setting the stage, allowing the experience to unfold and managing the flow of events so that there is a beginning, a middle and end besides ensuring that the participants have the time to reflect and share their experiences with the group. This ensures a holistic, participatory and multi sensory experience.