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I-India offers learning solutions and sensitizes participants about emerging India – a country that lives in several centuries all at one time. Challenges of diversity, abundance and cultural paradox are dealt with through the spectrum of ethnography. Our unique methods help participants experience the Indian paradigm and build intimate relationships with people across varying demographics and subjects; and subsequently apply the learning to their corporate strategy.

1. Leadership Programs
I-India Leadership Programs curate the learning environment, enable experiences, contextual thinking and facilitate guided reflection. Consequently, leaders and top management teams experience India from a historical, social and environmental perspective thereby figuring out what it means to do environmentally responsible and socially inclusive business in India.

2. Academic Programs
I-India helps thought leaders, global coaches and educators design and deliver curriculums centered on the emerging India story. The programs are co-created along with clients, corporate coaches, thought leaders or their designated faculty to ensure that the strategic gaps are analyzed and the India mission accomplished. We have more than 7 years of experience in supporting short-term learning expeditions and ongoing action learning programs to bolster corporate strategy.

3. Business Missions
I-India Business Missions help cross functional teams understand their business environment in India. These programs are designed to meet the goals of specific missions which could range from understanding diversity, community engagement, go-to markets, merger and acquisitions, congruence with their India team, frugal innovation and reverse innovation. After engaging in a consulting assignment with the client, I-India helps the client visualize the gaps and co-create a program that meets the objectives.