I-India ascertains that contemporary India is the modernization of a culture whose timeline extends over 5000 years into history. The collective wisdom of millions, over the millennia has imbued the nation with solutions to confront the economic, environmental and security challenges of globalization. However, upon approaching India; one is confronted with the challenges of paradoxes, abundance and mind boggling diversity.

I-India primarily helps clients comprehend this paradox, sidestep the superficial and understand what exactly Indian culture is all about; how it is different from Western and Chinese culture and subsequently what that means to do business in India.

India is an encyclopedia of knowledge and this has been carried by her through the centuries with fascinating inputs constantly being added along the way. This knowledge base serves as a great platform for an immersion program.

I-India offers clients India Immersion programs which engross global thought leaders and the top of corporate pyramids giving them a brief yet clear understanding of India’s culture, diversity and abundance and to subsequently help them use that knowledge to do successful business in India. India’s diversity, flavourful culture, complex history and its ever increasing presence in the world community makes it an ideal environment for corporates and visiting students from the world over to develop new competencies.

India Immersion programs enable students and corporate leaders to get acquainted with India in every aspect – be it cultural, economic, social or environmental; and also through the five senses- touching, seeing, tasting, smelling and hearing in a concise and well-thought-out manner. The immersion programs are structured in a modular manner. Depending on time and requirement constraints, the programs can be altered. The programs comprise mainly of rural immersions, entrepreneurial immersions, industrial immersions and heritage immersions. India Immersion Programs offer a highly rewarding cultural experience providing a plethora of opportunities for corporate and personal development.

Innovation has become a prime dictum at almost every single concern in the world today, regardless of the industry. Keeping in mind the challenging post-economic crisis times, businesses have begun to realize that the answer no longer lies in splashing millions and trillions in the name of innovation. What they increasingly look for now is frugal innovation.

I-India provides frugal innovation consulting services to ideate or help ideate cost-effective methods of renovating products, reorganizing business procedures and modify business modules based on a particular market’s functionality – which in our case is India’s complex emerging market. Further, we offer you windows which oversee the Indian market, understand the details of rural and urban India and also understand what these inbound innovations mean to the people.I-India brings out the best in your innovative capability, facilitates flowing ideas and pillars the success of innovation portfolios of organizations and networks. We help establish open communication and innovation culture in India, fostering collaborative innovation and building strategic resources including patents, stakeholder meets and new management techniques.

Community Integration provides a road map to success by creating an environment that spells well being to everyone involved in the process. Understanding the community and the community’s mindset is one of the key factors to having a successful business in India.

Our community integration programs are a well-thought-out platform for all stakeholders to stay on the same page. It is on these platforms that you will get a unique prism to explore and understand the core of India’s communities.

I-India helps you identify barriers to community integration and target pitfalls that could potentially bring about social exclusion and passive involvement of the community. We also provide support to businesses which would bring about meaningful changes in the environment and the community. We look to expand the range of opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in the development process as equal entities. As part of its community integration programs; I-India offers leadership programs, helps develop a vision, orients businesses with local values and then engages the community actively. I-India also ensures sustainability of the program with continuous monitoring and analysis.I-India Community Integration Programs guide you with a very organic process, one where the corporate and community link through observation, interaction, comprehension and ideation.

I-India Consulting is part of a 67-year-old curator of Indology experiences. We work with thought leaders, corporate coaches, CEOs, Governments and corporate consultants whose focus is on India as an emerging market giant. India is arguably the biggest emerging market in today’s business world. Our expertise and knowledge of India’s essence and paradoxes gives us the capability to provide consulting services to companies who want to have their business footprints in India.

It is necessary to master the key areas necessary to navigate the Indian economy and I-India aids businesses with these key areas namely environmental competence, strategic competence, managerial competence and analytical competence. Equipped with an abundance of knowledge with respect to India and with the resources at its disposal; I-India combines its seven-decade experience and local market knowledge with a vast array of leading corporate and governmental enterprises in order to increase their profits, performance and enhance their operations long term sustainability.