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Conducted by Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College; GL 2030 oversees the rallying of some of the best executive teams from the world over in India to understand and accomplish the essential, sustainable transformations required for success in a global marketplace.

I-India has intensely engaged with widely divergent aspects of the country for over six years and has aided in facilitating the ultimate India Enlightenment Experience from the Global Leadership Program which will see participants from the world over delve into Indian culture and appreciation of the industrial framework at least for the next two decades.

The team, broken down into subgroups, will be sent on field visits, each specifically designed to broaden the learning canvas without diluting the opportunity for direct engagement. Assisted and co-created with I-India’s expertise, the field trips explore the realm of rural India, provide valuable exposure to Indian industries in business visits and also help comprehend the technicalities of urban India.

Enforcing the fact that India is the one of the world’s most significant emerging markets, I-India’s creative injections include experiencing and understanding the cultural montage seen through travelling across the Indian cities and countryside on these field trips. The Indology doses on the field trips include conversations with specialists, independent explorations of a typical village market, active community engagement and interaction with the locals while diversifying the rural and urban complexities of the Indian market.

The squad for each of these field trips, which is based on a particular theme, will be subdivided into smaller groups, each going on a learning expedition relating to their respective theme. Discussions, interactions and exploration fuels the groups to understand the paradoxes of this behemoth nation.

I-India’s competencies are utilized to curate programs such as India Immersions, Frugal Innovations, Community Integration and Emerging Market Consulting. A calculated synthesis of culture and contemporary business, GL 2030 is an essential initiative and yields inspiring takeaways of engaging with emerging markets by setting up teams to become global leaders, making them understand India’s puzzling market and providing them priceless knowledge and experiences that leave firm imprints on their minds.

With critical acclaim and positive feedback, GL 2030 is a milestone that depicts the natural symbiotic relationship I-India shares with such companies.